Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Grind Begins

Starting from today, i am now home alone for the week.

As i don't often get the opportunity, i thought this would be a good time to get in a high volume of sngs. I'm still playing the $3.40 9-man sngs on pokerstars, and my aim for the week is to play 100 of these. I know this doesn't sound a large amount, however i have never been able to play this amount in a single week since playing online. I'm hoping that by the end of the 100 sngs i will finish with a significant profit, and am also able to place high on the battle of the planet leaderboards...

Speaking of which, tonight i played in this months battle of the planets shootout. I didnt think much of the players on my table if i'm honest. They all seemed to be playing too tight, so i decided to step up the agression. I made it to heads up play with the two of us on pretty equal chips, the winner of this would move on to next table and net $195. After a few hands i get dealt AQs on the button. He raised it up, so i shoved. Was heartbroken when he turned the AK. I couldnt improve and he had me just covered... GUTTED!!

Anyway, back to the grind. Today I woke up late. This is the result of a late one at a friends house the previous night. For this reason i only managed to play 4 sngs. Didn't do too bad though. Came 1st in 2, 2nd in 1, resulting in a $21.9 profit. Not off to a bad start. Lets hope this continues for the rest of the week!

On a side note... Currently playing the 250k on pokerstars after satteliting in. I'm currently 1844 out of 6487. Will let you know how i did in the next blog.



  1. Hi, i hope you make it and be willing to reach your goals!
    Good luck and skill!

  2. gl mate I am currently playing the same games with the same idea, variance is redic!! link me up?